Transforming Doug Jones for Gehenna – Where Death Lives

Mike Elizalde from Spectral Motion
Gehenna, Old Man and Hiroshi

Doug Jones has over 150 film and television credits to his name, (including the award-winning Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), his episode “Hush” garnered two Emmy nominations) and over 90 commercials and music videos with the likes of Madonna and Marilyn Manson. Although known mostly for his work under prosthetics, he has also performed as “himself” in such highly-rated films as Adaptation (2002) with Nicolas Cage and indie projects such as Phil Donlon’s A Series of Small Things (2005).

But it is his sensitive and elegant performance as Abe Sapien in Hellboy (2004), which stormed to the top of the US box office in the spring of 2004, that has brought him an even higher profile and much praise from audiences and critics alike.

The many faces of Doug Jones

Doug has had to spend many hours in the makeup chair to allow the artists the opportunity to achieve the incredible and award-winning looks we see on screen. In the case of Hellboy, Doug spent seven hours a day in makeup, having 12 prosthetic pieces applied. In his new film, Gehenna: Where Death Lives, Doug spent just over four hours transforming in to the “Creepy Old Man.”

Hiroshi Katagiri (left) and Mike Elizalde of Spectral Motion (middle) work on the transformation of Doug Jones.

Watch Doug Jones transform in to the ‘Creepy Old Man’.
From initial concept, to sculpture right through to application of the prosthetics. #spectralmotion #gehenna

Gehenna: Where Death Lives is a high-quality independent horror film, co-written, directed, and produced by longtime special makeup effects artist, acclaimed sculptor and creature-creator Hiroshi Katagiri.

Born in Japan, Hiroshi moved to the US at 18 to pursue a career in special makeup effects, becoming a primary artist at Stan Winston Studios. He has worked as a creature designer on films such as Wolverine, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, Cabin in the Woods and The Hunger Games. He was part of an Emmy-winning team for The X-Files, and has made several acclaimed horror shorts.Gehenna: Where Death Lives is his own indie horror feature, featuring actor Doug Jones and an all-star effects team, including Spectral Motion (Hellboy, Stranger Things, X-Men, Looper, Birdman).

“There is nothing more realistic than practical effects, and our team of artists is second to none” — Hiroshi Katigiri

Gehenna: Where Death Lives hits the Film Festival road in October this year, and will be in limited release in cinemas.

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